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A Very Requested Scene

Description: You've been requesting it for weeks and now it's a reality: A See HIM Fuck scene where Brickzilla & his 13-inch cock get serviced by the lovely coed Blake Blossom! After Brickzilla takes off suit (with a little help from Blake) he then lets that mammoth black dick flop out of his See HIM underwear. Blake gives his armpits the old sniff n lick before lubing HIM up front and back, making sure to reach around and get the BBC ready for action. Blake removes his socks and sucks his toes until it's time for Round 1 of ass eating and DAMN! Blake rims Brickzilla six ways from Sunday! Blake then sucks and slobbers on his girthy gift, and Brickzilla returns the oral favors by going down on her plump pussy. Blake rides HIM and gets piledriver fucked until it's time for Round 2 of ass eating, where she attacks his asshole from above. Brickzilla then deep-dicks Blake doggystyle and missionary until he can hold it no longer and give her a big juicy creampie (a rarity around here). After, we catch up with Brickzilla in the shower...
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