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6-Foot-8er Pleasured By 5-Footer

Description: 6-foot-8 stud Dre Strong makes his See HIM Fuck debut today, and we paired HIM up with 5-foot-nothing Clara Trinity for this (gulp) “as promised” update! After we get to know a little about the tall man from a tall family, we have HIM compare his height & hand size to that of Clara, and touching his fingers around her waist is just mind-blowing. Dre then commences getting naked with Clara assisting HIM until he's wearing nothing but his unique novelty socks. Clara lubes HIM up before sniffing and licking each of Dre's extremely hirsute armpits. Clara then permits HIM to take a seat so she can get kinky with his lint-free (watch the BTS) socked and bare feet. Dre then stands so Clara can blow him, first with her sitting on the couch, then with her standing & just a little scrunched over. Then we get to the ass-eating, as Clara rims HIM while Dre is spread-eagle, via the rusty trombone, and with HIM in a reverse piledriver on the (thankfully) pleather couch. Dre then repays all the oral delights his asshole just received by going down on Clara's coed coochie. Finally, we get to the fucking, as Clara takes all of HIM while she's folded up like a pretzel, in the cowgirl, airborne, missionary, and finally doggystyle positions until Dre pulls out and drops some cum on her bum. We caught up with our latest HIM in the shower afterward...
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