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He's Come To My Right Spot - Malina Melendez

Description: New seasoned beef stud D Rock appears in his 1st ever scene today, and we paired HIM up with fellow newbie Malina Melendez for this week's See HIM Fuck update. After we learn a little about HIM, D Rock stands and disrobes as Malina waits for that big gift to pop out. She lubes HIM and all his muscles up and ensures his BBC is prepared for action. Malina then sniffs and licks D Rock's armpits & suckles his nipples before allowing HIM to take a seat on the bed so she can lick and slobber on his socked & bare feet. Then we get to the ass-eating, as Malina rims HIM while D Rock is spread-eagle, via the rusty trombone, and with HIM in a reverse piledriver. D Rock & Malina then trade oral delights before they get down with the fucking, where Malina takes all of HIM cowgirl, piledriver, doggystyle, and missionary. For the grand finale, Malina sucks HIM off until D Rock empties a map of Hawaii onto his abdomen. We followed our newest HIM into the shower afterward to see how things went...
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Categories: Rimjob Bubble Butt Black